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Fabseeds is around to transform groundbreaking ideas into tangible realities. We build companies that create opportunities and keep improving as many lives as possible.

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Fabseeds is a holding company that holds majority of the stakes in several global startups and scale-ups. The goal of Fabseeds is to build companies that will keep creating opportunities and keep improving as many lives as possible. Fabseeds promotes flexibility, inclusion & independence. Currently it has stakes in Technology, E-commerce, Wholesales, Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Consumer Services. Fabseeds is committed to building high-value businesses keeping the environment and people’s wellbeing in view, from start-ups and early stage ventures to mergers and acquisitions for more mature businesses.

Fabseeds is about businesses prospering through strong leadership, diversity and independence. We carefully handle strategies & capital allocation to ensure that each business is executing well, is adding value, improving lives and is environment friendly.

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